2016 Volleyball
Record: 11-5 Home: 2-2 Away: 2-2 Neutral: 7-1 ICCAC: 1-3
North Star Club Volleyball
NIACC Volleyball Classic
The volleyball tournament is open to all high school volleyball programs. Teams do not need to be affiliated with any club or AAU team. Players must be a high school student during the 2011-2012 school year. 


1)   Each team will be scheduled to play 3 matches

2)   Each team must have a coach/adult present for the tournament

3)   Each team will be assigned to officiate: this will include one official to initiate serve and the end of play, 2 line judges, and a scorekeeper (keeping score using a flip chart and record scores).   Please bring your own whistles.

4)   High school volleyball rules apply.

5)   Each team will be asked to make their own calls regarding net, lifts, doubles, etc.

6)   Each team will need a minimum of six players.

7)   Matches will be best of three matches to 25 - no cap; third game to 15 - no cap.

Where: NIACC Gym

When: Sunday, February 12, 2012


Time: TBA (starts at noon - schedule will be determined after the deadline)


Cost: $50 per team


2011 staff:
Assistant Coaches: Dawn Eckenrod and Andrea Petersen
Iowa Volleyball Region information can be found at www.iavbreg.org.