Individual honors

Becca Steffen (left) and Kennedy Meister were both first-team all-region selections in 2019.

The following is a list of all-American and all-region volleyball performers since the 1986 season:

(Note: Some years are missing from this list. If anyone has any documentation of all-region performers from the missing years, contact sports information director Kirk Hardcastle at or 641-422-4416.)


1995 - Mindy Hunt (2nd team)

2019 - Kennedy Meister (1st team)

Note: The NJCAA started selecting Division I and Divsion II all-Americans in the 1999 season.


1982 - All-Northern Conference selections - Misty Collins, Karen Huffman, Donata Murray (honorable mention).

1986 - Tracy Horner (first-team); Joan Milbrandt (first-team).

1988 - Kris Christian (second-team).

1991 - Heather Higgins (first-team); Carrie Jacob (second-team); Andie Griffith (second-team).

1992 - Carrie Jacob (first-team); Andie Griffith (first-team); April Hintz (honorable mention).

1994 - Tina Harding (first-team); Mindy Hunt (second-team).

1996 - Andrea Magnuson (honorable mention); Kristi Pfab (honorable mention).

1998 - Casey Spree (second-team); Kelly Blunt (honorable mention); Jackie Movall (honorable mention).

2000 - Leslie Junker (first-team); Jamie Swanson (second-team); Kate Hensley (honorable mention); Rachael Spree (honorable mention).

2002 - Amanda Kramer (second-team).

2004 - Emily Vold (second-team); Annie Bieth (honorable mention).

2005 - Saira Morgan (honorable mention).

2006 - Saira Morgan (honorable mention); Kasie Christensen (honorable mention).

2007 - Kallie Winn (honorable mention); Nicki Sandberg (honorable mention).

2008 - Amanda Young (first-team); Sarah Heineman (honorable mention); Jayna Blome (honorable mention).

2009 - Samantha Pedersen (first-team); Jayna Blome (second-team); Sarah Maxheimer (second-team).

2010 - Charmin Anderson (second-team). All-conference: Anderson (honorable mention); Cassie Christianson (honorable mention); Sammy Nelson (honorable mention).

2011 - Sammy Nelson (second-team). All-conference: McKenzie Heue (honorable mention); Darcy Nelson (honorable mention); Sammy Nelson (honorable mention); Sara Reed (honorable mention).

2012 - All-conference: LaShae Brooks (honorable mention); Courtney Chrencik (honorable mention); McKenzie Heue (honorable mention).

2013 - Melissa Bisbee (second-team). All-conference: LaShae Brooks (honorable mention).

2014 - Brianna Haugen (second team). All-conference: Haugen (honorable mention); Caitlyn Hanig (honorable mention).

2015 - Kaylee Whittington (second team); Karlie Niedert (honorable mention). Whittington (All-NJCAA Region XI-B first team). Niedert (All-NJCAA Region XI-B second team).

2016 - Kaylee Whittington (second team), Liv Block (second team); Meagan Miller (honorable mention). Whittington (All-NJCAA Region XI-A first team). Block (All-NJCAA Region XI-A first team); Miller (All-NJCAA-Region XI-A second team).

2017 - Hannah Wagner (second team); Brooke Greenwood (honorable mention); Becca Konz (honorable mention). Wagner (All-NJCAA Region XI-A first team); Shelby Heston (All-NJCAA Region XI-A second team).

2018 - Hannah Wagner (first team), Kennedy Meister (second team), Connor Gauch (honorable mention), Sydney Roush (honorable mention). Wagner (All-NJCAA Region XI-B first team), Meister (All-NJCAA Region XI-B second team), Gauch (All-NJCAA Region XI-B second team).

2019 - Kennedy Meister (first team), Becca Steffen (first team), Shelby Heston (honorable mention), Kayla Lentz (honorable mention). Meister (All-NJCAA Region XI-B first team), Steffen (All-NJCAA Region XI-B first team), Lentz (All-NJCAA Region XI-B honorable mention).